Planners cannot anticipate these circumstances but

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Unformatted text preview: eir personal funds and valuables. If caching becomes popular, any likely cache site will receive unusual attention. INTENDED ACTIONS BY ALLIED FORCES D-6. Using one cache site for several clandestine operations involves a risk of mutual compromise. Therefore, planners should rule out suitable caching sites if they have selected them for other clandestine purposes, such as drops or safe houses. Planners should not locate a site where bombing or other allied military action will render it inaccessible if occupied. If planners intend the cache for wartime use, the caching party should avoid key areas, such as locations near key bridges, railroad intersections, power plants, and munitions factories. PACKAGING AND TRANSPORTATION D-7. Asset planners should assess the security needs, potential obstacles, and hazards that a prospective cache site can present. They should also consider whether they could use the operational assets for packaging and transporting the package to the site. Caching personnel obtain the best results when packaging center experts construct the package. Planners must first decide whether the caching party can securely transport the package from the HQ or the field-packaging center to the cache site in time to meet the operational schedules. If not, the planners must get the packaging done locally, perhaps in a safe house located within a few miles of the cache site. If such an arrangement is necessary, limited safe house possibilities may restrict the choice of cache sites. PERSONNEL ASSETS D-8. All personnel directly participating in the emplacement will know the cache location. Therefore, planners should use their most reliable individuals and minimize the number of participants. Planners must consider the distance from the person’s residence to the prospective cache site. Participants must consider their reason or story for conducting this activity. Sometimes transportation and cover difficulties require planners to locate the cache site within a limited distance of the...
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