Planners must determine the purpose and contents of

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Unformatted text preview: Therefore, personnel must locate a rifle cache site in an isolated area where they can establish temporary control. Certain items, such as medical stock, have limited shelf life and require periodic rotation or special storage considerations, which necessitates the guerrillas having easy access to these items for servicing. Sometimes it is impossible to locate a cache in the most convenient place for an intended user. Planners must 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 D-1 Appendix D compromise between logistical objectives and actual possibilities when selecting a cache site. Security is always the overriding consideration. ANTICIPATED ENEMY ACTION D-4. In planning the caching operation, units must consider the capabilities of any intelligence or security services not participating in the operation. They should also consider the potential hazards the enemy and its witting or unwitting accomplices present. If the purpose of caching is for wartime operational purposes, its ultimate success will depend largely on if planners anticipate the various recovery obstacles the enemy and its accomplices will create if they occupy the area. What are the possibilities that the enemy will preempt an ideal site by denying access to it? A vacant field surrounded by brush may seem ideal for a particular cache because it is near several highways, but such a location may also invite the enemy to locate an ordnance depot in the same place. ACTIVITIES OF THE LOCAL POPULATION D-5. Chance circumstances that result in the discovery of the cache are more likely than discovery by deliberate enemy action. Normal activity, such as building construction, may uncover the cache site or impede access to it. Planners cannot anticipate these circumstances, but they can attempt to avoid them by careful and imaginative observation of the prospective cache site and of the people who live near the site. If planners intend the cache for wartime use, they must project how the residents will react to the pressures of war and conquest. For example, one likely reaction is caching by the residents to protect th...
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