Planners should determine as accurately as possible

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Unformatted text preview: party was hiding weapons and ammunition in a cave and was relying entirely on natural concealment, the emplacement operation would entail simply locating the site. The party would only need paper, a pencil, and a flashlight. However, if the party was sealing a packet of jewels in a brick wall, it would require a skilled mason, his tools, and a supply of mortar expertly mixed to match the original brick wall. D-107. When considering concealment, planners must know the local residents and their customs. During the actual emplacement, the caching party must ensure no one observes the operation. The final sterilization of the site is especially important since a concealment site is usually open to frequent observation. CACHING COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT D-108. As a rule, planners should include all equipment for a particular purpose (for example, demolitions or survival) in one container. Some equipment, however, is so sensitive from a security standpoint that personnel should pack it in several containers and cache them in different locations to minimize the danger of discovery by the enemy. This is particularly true of communications equipment since, under some circumstances, anyone who acquires a whole RT set with a signal plan and cryptographic material could play back the set. This is an especially dangerous type of penetration. With this in mind, personnel should never place the signal plan and the cryptographic material in the same container. Ideally, personnel should 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 D-17 Appendix D distribute a communications kit among three containers and cache the containers in different locations. An example of the distribution is as follows: Container one could hold the RT set. Container two could hold the signal plan and operational supplies for the RT operator, such as currency, barter, and small arms. Container three could hold the cryptographic materiel. D-109. When personnel use several containers for one set of equipment, they must place the containers far enough apart so...
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