Planners should plan night burials on moonless or

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Unformatted text preview: n, the party should use a different return route. The burial party should strictly observe the rules for concealed movement. The party should proceed cautiously and silently along a route that makes the best use of natural concealment. Concealed movement requires foresight, with special attention to using natural concealment while reconnoitering the route and preventing rattles when preparing the package and contents. Security Measures at the Site D-86. The burial party must maintain maximum vigilance at the cache site because detection can be disastrous. The time spent at the site is the most critical. At least one lookout should constantly be on guard. The emplacer should frequently pause to look and listen. The burial party should minimize the use of flashlights or lanterns and take special care to mask the glare. Planning should include emergency actions in case the burial party is interrupted. Thorough briefing permits the party to respond instantly to any sign of danger. Planners should consider escape routes and decide whether the party will attempt to retain the package or conceal it along the escape route if the operation is disrupted. Steps in Digging and Refilling D-87. Although procedures will vary slightly with the design of the cache, persons involved in caching operations must never overlook basic steps. The whole design of the procedure is to enable the emplacer to restore the site to its original appearance as much as possible. D-14 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Special Forces Caching Site Sterilization D-88. When the burial party refills the hole, they must make a special effort to ensure that they sterilize and restore the site, leaving no indication of the burial or the burial party’s visit to the vicinity. Because sterilization is most important for the security of the operation, the schedule should allow ample time to complete these final steps in a deliberate and thorough manner. The final steps of the burial are to— Dispose of any excess soil far enough away from the site to avoid attracting attention to the site. Flush...
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