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Unformatted text preview: e ability to acquire, store, and distribute large quantities of supplies without standard lines of supply and communications. They accomplish this by maintaining a decentralized network of widely distributed caches instead of large centralized stockpiles. This minimizes the loss of materiel if a guerrilla base moves quickly or faces destruction. This network allows the guerrillas to conduct operations across a wide area without a long logistics tail. 2-74. The logistics supply network also includes facilities for materiel fabrication, such as false documentation, improvised explosives and munitions, and medical aid. If the resistance is receiving external support, this network will extend to clandestine airstrips, drop zones (DZ), seaports, and border-crossing sites. COMMUNICATIONS NETWORKS 2-75. Guerrillas and underground leaders need to communicate with their subordinate elements in an area where enemy forces are always actively looking and listening for any indicators that would compromise the location of guerrilla forces or their supporting mechanism. Because of the likelihood of a high earlywarning threat, especially in the initial phases of the resistance movement, nontechnical communications should prevail. 2-18 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Fundamentals of Resistance and Insurgency INFORMATION AND PROPAGANDA NETWORKS 2-76. Special networks are responsible for providing information to the population, against the will of the controlling regime. This information will bolster the will of the population to support the insurgent cause, undermine the legitimacy of the regime or occupying power, and undermine the morale of enemy security forces. Guerrilla forces may produce and distribute bootleg radio broadcasts, underground newspapers, Internet sites, and rumor campaigns. Guerrilla propaganda networks also draw new recruits to the movement. The networks may also coordinate with sympathetic elements outside the country to raise international favor and support. The resistance or insurgent leadership must have a degree of communication with the propaganda network to produce a coordinated...
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