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Unformatted text preview: introduction of some U.S. materiel could actually complicate the resistance forces efforts. 3-51. A key area that planners must address in the planning phase is that much of the MIS equipment is unique to the force and not in the U.S. Army supply system. Furthermore, indigenous information capabilities rely on locally sustainable equipment that is within their ability to supply and service. The decentralization and mobility of the insurgent and auxiliary organizations necessitate equipment that personnel can easily move and set up. Equipment in austere conditions must have minimum maintenance 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 3-9 Chapter 3 requirements. In some cases, personnel will need to conduct production, distribution, and dissemination using theater resources rather than organic or indigenous assets. 3-52. The lack of established LOCs presents another significant challenge. Personnel must deliver materiel in a manner that does not compromise the indigenous force’s location. For this reason, planners need to carefully consider and prioritize external resupply efforts, keeping resupply to essential items only. Planners need to ensure resupply efforts do not establish a pattern. Personnel should use various methods and locations throughout the course of the buildup and combat employment phases. 3-53. To facilitate isolation and field planning, the theater special operations command (TSOC) and subsequent joint special operations task force (JSOTF) must make detachments aware of available materiel. These elements are responsible for establishing a catalog of available materiel for a campaign effort. This catalog will include standard and nonstandard materiel. Detachments need to understand if quantities have already been allocated and the given quota for the number of resupplies they can expect. They also need to know whether resupply scheduling is by month or by phase (air, sea, and ground). The willingness to assume risk with platforms to resupply forces may increase as phases progress towards initiation of combat ope...
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