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Unformatted text preview: d link to ongoing U.S. operations. Section 1208 does not ordinarily fund training and equipment. Section 1208 funding is a USSOCOM-administered program, under the direct authority of the SecDef. Section 1208 funds are limiters to the support of irregular forces only (no U.S. forces), and require specific approvals before individuals can expend any funds under this authorization. Even with these constraints, Section 1208 is an agile method of funding UW operations. Typically, leaders develop a concept in-theater at the unit level and staff it through the chain of command. The timeline for this process can progress rapidly, depending on the theater and the proposed operation. U.S. forces should closely coordinate with their legal advisor for the most recent guidance on funding requests and coordinating approvals at higher levels. HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE 3-116. UW operations may involve HA to benefit populations sympathetic or potentially sympathetic to a particular UW effort. Humanitarian crises or conditions that arise during the course of UW operations may trigger HA. In these cases, SF units may provide and coordinate HA that supports UW operations. Although not necessarily factored into a UW strategy, timely HA may greatly facilitate UW operations and ultimate objectives. HA programs and authorities change often and vary from theater to theater. U.S. SF commanders and Soldiers should closely coordinate any requests for HA with legal and related advisors to maximize the sources available to a given mission at a particular time. A full discussion of all U.S. HA programs is beyond the scope of this manual. However, the basic HA most readily available to U.S. SF is known as de minimus HA. The basic rule for de minimus HA is, “a few Soldiers, a few dollars, a few hours.” Leadership generally recognizes “a few dollars” as $2,500 or less of O&M funds for unplanned HA opportunities. Other HA may exist for a given operation or mission, and commanders working closely with their legal advisor sh...
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