Snow on the ground is a hazard because it is

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Unformatted text preview: of the area, if available. By scrutinizing the map, the planners can determine whether a particular sector must be ruled out because of its proximity to factories, homes, busy thoroughfares, or probable military targets in wartime. A good military-type map will show the positive features in the topography, proximity to adequate roads or trails, natural concealment (for example, surrounding woods or groves), and adequate drainage. Maps also show the natural and man-made features in the landscape, which provide indispensable reference points for locating a cache site, such as confluences of streams, dams and waterfalls, road junctures and distance markers, villages, bridges, churches, and cemeteries. PERSONAL RECONNAISSANCE D-16. A map survey should normally show the location of several promising sites within the general area planners designate for the cache. To select and pinpoint the best site, a well-qualified observer must examine each site firsthand. If possible, the individual examining the site should carry adequate maps, a compass, a drawing pad or board for making sketch maps or tracings, and a metallic measuring line. (A wire knotted at regular intervals is adequate for measuring. Personnel should not use twine or cloth measuring tapes because stretching or shrinking will make them inaccurate if they get wet.) If the observer can carry it securely, he should also carry a probe rod for probing prospective burial sites. D-17. Since the observer seldom completes a field survey without local residents noticing him, the explanation for his actions is of importance. The observer’s story must offer a natural explanation for his exploratory activity in the area. Ordinarily, this means that an observer who is not a known resident of the area can pose as a tourist or a newcomer with some reason for visiting the area. However, the observer must develop this story over an extended period before he conducts the actual reconnaissance. If the observer is a known resident o...
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