Soldiers should not share personal information with

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Unformatted text preview: regarding SFODA personnel. Keep operational information on a need-to-know basis. Maintain internal communications procedures that indicate a compromise of information. 3-80. The situation may dictate that U.S. personnel reduce their distinctive appearance. This may include the wear of articles of indigenous clothing, such as a scarf or hat, the carrying of indigenous weapons and gear, or the adoption of normal customs of appearance, such as a mustache or beard. Signature reduction measures can allow SF personnel to blend in with indigenous forces and prevent identification by enemy personnel. 3-81. However, if advisors deviate from their normal U.S. military appearance but not toward that of the allied military forces it can have the opposite intended effect of drawing attention to the U.S. personnel or causing a perception of a lack of discipline on the advisor’s behalf. At times, Soldiers can reap significant benefits from deviating from the normal U.S. military appearance, but this requires an understanding of the local customs and culture. The Soldier must make deliberate and conscious decision to take this step. The unit chain of command must approve any deviations from standard appearance and must ensure they comply with the legal requirements of the operation. PHYSICAL SECURITY 3-82. Decentralized elements often must rely on indigenous forces for security. However, U.S. personnel should always maintain a degree of vigilance for their own security, at least passively, if not actively. As much as the resistance forces are familiar with the local area, U.S. forces must not become complacent with their trust of the resistance forces. Resistance forces may contain enemy collaborators or infiltrators among their ranks. SFODAs maintain internal emergency communication signals, rally points, linkup plans and evasion plans of action. 3-14 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Concept of Employment LEGAL PRINCIPLES 3-83. The foremost legal concern for UW operations is that every proposed operation receives a spec...
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