Subversive activities frequently occur in an

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Unformatted text preview: without any major outbreak of armed violence. Activities include the following: Recruit, organize, and train cadre. Infiltrate key government organizations and civilian groups. Establish cellular intelligence, operational, and support networks. Organize or develop cooperative relationships with legitimate political action groups, youth groups, trade unions, and other front organizations. This approach develops popular support for later political and military activities. Solicit and obtain funds. Develop sources for external support. 2-22. An absent government will compromise with insurgent objectives. The goal is to prepare or transition the population into accepting overt military operations (guerrilla warfare) as permissible. The goal is to gain the support of the local population and weaken the power of the existing government. Although the operational goal is to win popular support, the tactical goal is to convince the local population to avoid collaboration with the government forces. This leads to a condition where the insurgency can expand operations without the risk of compromise by the local population. It is impossible 2-6 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Fundamentals of Resistance and Insurgency for the insurgency to conduct the operations it desires without the population being aware of it. This condition allows the insurgency to expand into Phase II (guerrilla warfare). Phase II—Guerrilla Warfare 2-23. The objective of this phase is to degrade the government’s security apparatus (the military and police elements of national power) to the point where the government is susceptible to defeat. 2-24. A campaign of guerrilla attacks and sabotage degrade the government’s military and police forces. Subversive activities continue to build and maintain support from the population. Proinsurgency radio broadcasts, newspapers, and pamphlets openly challenge the control and legitimacy of established authority. 2-25. Unlike Phase I, in Phase II guerrillas need to gather force...
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