Terrain location of areas suitable for guerrilla

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Unformatted text preview: uerrillas. Enemy forces. Barriers to movement. Seasonal effect of the weather on terrain and visibility. Resistance Movement: Guerrillas: Disposition, strength, and composition. Organization, armament, and equipment. Status of training, morale, and combat effectiveness. Operations to date. Cooperation and coordination between various existing groups. General attitude toward the United States, the enemy, and various elements of the civilian populace. Motivation of the various groups and their receptivity to U.S. presence. Caliber of senior and subordinate leadership. Health of guerrillas. Auxiliaries and the underground: Disposition, strength, and degree of organization. General effectiveness and type of support. Motivation and reliability. Responsiveness to guerrilla or resistance leaders. General attitude toward the United States, the enemy, and various guerrilla groups. Logistics Capability of the Area: Availability of food stocks and water. Include any health-related water restrictions. Agricultural capability. Type and availability of all categories of transportation. Types and location of civilian services available for the manufacture and repair of equipment and clothing. Supplies locally available, including type and amount. Medical facilities, including personnel, medical supplies, and equipment. Enemy supply sources accessible to the resistance. Figure B-1. Sample principal assessment (continued) 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 B-3 Appendix B Principal Assessment (continued) Preventive Medicine: Weather: Area cold-weather impact on causes, treatment, and prevention of cold-weather injuries. Area hot-weather impact on causes, treatment, and prevention of hot-weather injuries. Terrain impact on evacuation and medical resupply. Indigenous personnel: Physical characteristics of local people, including endurance, ability to carry loads, and performance of other physical feats. Symbolism attached to various articles of clothing and jewelry, such as amulets. Attitudes: Taboos and other psychological attributes present in the society. Rites and practices uncon...
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