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Unformatted text preview: resistance force counterparts (sector or area command) if needed. 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 3-13 Chapter 3 3-76. The U.S. Army specifically designed the SF group to operate in a decentralized manner, synchronizing the efforts between displaced sector and area commands with their SFODAs and SFODBs. The group provides SFODAs and SFODBs to perform tactical functions in addition to their inherent C2 responsibilities. Each one of these HQ maintains the ability to operate with its equivalent resistance-force counterpart. Although the insertion of SFODBs greatly enhances C2 and synchronization with the resistance force, it also removes the ability of that HQ to perform C2 for other special operations outside of the area complex. 3-77. Before entering resistance controlled territory, the unit HQ must consider if their signature will jeopardize the mission and if there is an appropriate level of resistance HQ that could benefit from their direct interaction. In either case, it is inappropriate for these types of operations, particularly in forward areas, for a large, unwieldy HQ. 3-78. UW operations present some unique force protection challenges. Because of the low signature of many UW operations, the normal measures for force protection may be impractical or impossible. Personnel can mitigate some aspects of the associated risk through good operational security measures and signature reduction measures. OPERATIONAL SECURITY 3-79. There are numerous aspects of operations beyond the control of advisors. As such, advisors should always employ proactive measures to protect operational information regardless of their estimate of the actual risk at hand. Compromises of operational information may occur hundreds of miles from the operational area. Personnel should take the following precautions: Limit the use of proper names with resistance members. Soldiers should not share personal information with indigenous resistance personnel. Provide code names for all advisors. This allows secure and unsecure communication...
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