The united states can also render assistance from a

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Unformatted text preview: stance from a neighboring country. Combat support. Combat support includes all of the activities of indirect and direct support in addition to combat operations. 1-7. Before providing support to a resistance movement or insurgency, planners must consider how the ideology and objectives of the resistance movement affect strategic interests in the region. Planners must ensure leadership clearly defines U.S. national strategy and goals before planners make any determination regarding the appropriateness of support to a resistance movement or insurgency. Without a clear understanding of the desired effects and end state for a region or conflict, it is impossible to assess whether support to a resistance or insurgency would achieve favorable results. 1-8. Successful planners weigh the benefits of providing support to resistance forces against the overall strategic context of a campaign. They must not allow a desire to conduct UW or to produce a purely military effect dominate their judgment. Support to resistance forces does not simply contribute to a military effort; it undoubtedly alters the geopolitical landscape of a given region. Planners may deem a specific insurgent effort feasible and appropriate to the military effort, but consider it strategically unfavorable because of the political risk of the effort or the potential for increased regional instability. FEASIBILITY FOR UNITED STATES SPONSORSHIP 1-9. There are certain environments and situations that make UW the best option. Although outside forces could alter and shape the existing environment to some degree, they cannot artificially manufacture or transplant it. 1-10. There are two categories planners use when deciding to provide support. The first category is feasibility. Feasibility is dependent upon the physical and human conditions of the environment. The second category is appropriateness. Appropriateness is dependent upon the characteristics of the resistance movement. 1-11. U.S. UW forces possess capabilitie...
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