The area commanders location should be a place where

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Unformatted text preview: and its activities. Flexibility, intelligence, mobility, and operations security are essential for survival and success. If the insurgency subdivides the area command into sector commands, its component units are the subordinate sector commands. INFRASTRUCTURE OF A RESISTANCE MOVEMENT OR INSURGENCY 2-46. The infrastructure of a resistance movement or insurgency includes the area complex and the guerilla bases. Guerrilla bases may be further subdivided into the inner security zone, outer security zone, and insurgent logistics. AREA COMPLEX 2-47. An area complex is a clandestine, dispersed network of facilities to support resistance activities in a given area. The area complex is contested territory or an area that contains clandestine supporting infrastructure. It is not liberated territory. It represents the insurgent’s area of operations (AO). Insurgent forces can maintain their clandestine infrastructure in the area complex. The clandestine infrastructure provides insurgent forces with a measure of freedom of movement and support. These areas overlay areas under the control of the government or occupying military. These areas can eventually transform into liberated areas if the enemy’s ability to challenge the insurgent forces degrades to a level of parity with the guerrilla forces. To support resistance activities, an area complex must include a security system, guerrilla bases, communications, logistics, medical facilities, and a series of networks capable of moving personnel and supplies. The area complex may consist of friendly villages or towns under guerrilla military or political control (Figure 2-9, page 2-14). 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 2-13 Chapter 2 Figure 2-9. Area complex GUERRILLA BASES 2-48. A guerrilla base is an encampment that affords the guerrilla force the ability to rest, recuperate, plan, and train. Guerrilla bases may be temporary or semipermanent camps. Their level of complexity is proportional to the surrounding security situation. The securit...
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