The desired effects can range from causing the enemy

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Unformatted text preview: vasion area, support to a pending invasion area (as in general war), or in the case of a separate insurgency (limited war), the achievement of specific strategic politico-military objectives. The main activities in this phase consist of interdiction and MISO. The specific tactics and activities that occur during the conduct of UW are not exclusive to UW. Interdiction operations may include— Interdicting LOCs. Attacking C2 nodes, such as power lines, telecommunications towers, and key enemy leaders. Attacking mobile air defense systems. Targeting rear-area infrastructure and high-payoff targets, such as munitions and fuel depots, rail yards, airfields, waterways, power plants, and radio, television, and other mass media facilities. Seizing key objectives, such as choke points, prisoner or concentration camps, and critical national infrastructure, for very limited periods of time. 3-31. Planners need to consider the types of targets guerrilla forces attack. Guerrilla forces might avoid conducting wide-scale operations in frontline combat areas during the introduction of conventional forces because guerrilla force presence could inadvertently hinder the rapid advance of invasion forces. In order to maximize their effect, resistance forces should attack less-than-optimal targets by other means, such as air interdiction or missiles. 3-32. MISO seek to achieve two goals simultaneously in phase six. First, MISO exploit guerrilla successes for their maximum psychological effect. This exploitation can increase the morale of resistance forces and auxiliaries, which can further increase their operational effectiveness. In addition, success brings positive attention to the movement and increases support from the indigenous population and external supporters in terms of logistics, intelligence, and recruitment. Second, MISO exploit guerrilla successes to erode enemy morale and decrease internal and external support. MISO may also increase dissension, desertion, and surrender of enemy forces, further decreasing their ope...
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