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Unformatted text preview: s for power or telephone lines, intersections in stone fences or hedgerows, and gravestones in isolated cemeteries. PINPOINTING TECHNIQUES D-21. Recovery instructions must identify the exact location of the cache. These instructions must describe the point where the cache is located in terms that relate it to the FRP. When the emplacement team uses the concealment method, it ordinarily places the cache inside the FRP and pinpoints the cache by a precise description of the FRP. Personnel usually pinpoint a submerged cache by precisely describing the securing method of the moorings in reference to the FRP. Any of the following pinpointing techniques may be used with a buried cache. PLACING THE CACHE DIRECTLY BESIDE THE FINAL REFERENCE POINT D-22. The simplest method is for personnel to place the cache directly beside the FRP. Pinpointing is then reduced to the observer specifying the precise reference point of the FRP. SIGHTING THE CACHE BY PROJECTION D-23. Personnel may sight the cache by projection if the FRP has one flat side long enough to permit precise sighting by projecting a line along the side of the object. The emplacement party places the cache a measured distance along the sighted line. Personnel may also use this method if two precise FRPs are available by projecting a line sighted between the two objects. In either case, the instructions for finding the cache must state the approximate direction of the cache from the FRP. Since small errors in sighting are magnified as the sighted line is extended, the emplacement team should place the cache as close to the FRP as other factors permit. Note: This method ordinarily becomes unreliable if the sighted line is extended beyond 50 meters. PLACING THE CACHE AT THE INTERSECTION OF MEASURED LINES D-24. If two FRPs are available within several paces, personnel can cache the package on one line projected from each of the FRPs. If the team uses this method, they must state the approximate direction of the cache from each FRP. To ensure accuracy, the emplacemen...
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