The most important aspect of a successful insurgency

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Unformatted text preview: is the viability of the message. It is essential that the message physically reaches the people and possesses 2-4 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Fundamentals of Resistance and Insurgency meaning to their way of life. The insurgency cannot gain active or passive support without achieving these goals. This makes the language, culture, and geography of the masses particularly important. Ideology is an important factor in unifying the many divergent interests and goals among the insurgency membership. As a common set of interrelated beliefs, values, and norms, ideology is used to manipulate and influence the behavior of individuals within the group. Ideology will serve as the rallying call for all members of the population to join the struggle. The ideology of the insurgency and the motivation of the insurgent must remain linked. Once delinked, the counterinsurgent will be able to address individual grievances and negate the unity of the insurgency. OBJECTIVES 2-10. Although insurgency is a strategy, implementation requires intermediate objectives, specifically strategic, operational, and tactical goals. Tactical goals most directly translate to actions. These actions lead to operational goals. Insurgents need carefully to choose what efforts to undertake. For example, raids, ambushes, and supporting propaganda urging enemy forces to serve their tour quietly and go home alive, to consolidate into large bases away from the cities, or to stay to the roads for their own safety achieves the goals of disrupting enemy control over territory and weakening enemy commitment to counterinsurgent strategy. 2-11. Operational objectives address how the insurgency will progress towards its strategic goal. Examples could include the following: Attaining a level of popular support in a key region. Gaining international recognition or external support. 2-12. The strategic objective is the desired end state. In general, the strategic objective is to gain concessions or remove the regime in power. Typically, the strategic objective is critical to cohesion am...
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