The system also reduces radio transmission time to

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Unformatted text preview: by code words. Personnel catalog these items by class of supplies and group them in individual packaged items or several associated unit items packed together. The catalog supply system is not secure, but it reduces message length and transmission time when personnel request a variety of supplies. The catalog supply system is— Based on mission requirements, concept plans, and SOPs. Prepared under the supervision of the group logistics staff section. Reproduced in miniature form for operational missions and published in the SOI by the group signal officer. COMMAND AND CONTROL 3-74. Military commanders must understand that the C2 tactics and techniques used in other special operations do not transfer well to UW missions. Units cannot communicate with their HQ in the same manner as during other types of operations. Even if the communication architecture is available, leaders must exercise great care before placing requirements on units operating from within enemy territory. Unlike conventional units, UW organizations risk some degree of exposure with every communication. Personnel must not confuse communications encryption with low electronic signature. Leaders must balance a HQ commander’s desire for computer-based briefings and real-time communications with the constraints of the operational environment. Units engaging in UW must operate in a decentralized manner. They should always operate under the assumption that the enemy is trying to locate their position using unusual signals in urban and rural areas. 3-75. Unlike conventional operations, the acceptable size and optimum location for the HQ of units engaging in UW change as the mission progresses. The HQ base their decision to provide C2 from an adjacent country or from an infiltrated point in the resistance area on where it provides the most value. The SF company (AOB) and battalion (SOTF) HQ are tactical elements that not only coordinate the actions of their subordinate units, but also integrate with their...
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