The ultimate success of caching depends upon

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Unformatted text preview: reservation of the items that maintain their usability. Second, personnel must accurately record data that is essential for recovery. Successful caching entails careful adherence to the basic principles of clandestine operations, as well as familiarity with the technicalities of caching. CACHING CONSIDERATIONS D-1. Personnel must consider the purpose of their caches. For example, some cached supplies must meet the emergency needs of personnel unable to access their normal supply sources because of sudden developments. Caching may help to resolve the supply problems of long-term operations conducted far from a secure base. Caching could also provide for some anticipated needs of wartime operations in areas the enemy is likely to overrun. PLANNING FOR A CACHING OPERATION D-2. Caching involves selecting the items for caching, procuring those items, and selecting a cache site. Selection requires a close estimate of items a unit will need for particular operations. Procurement of the items does not usually present a problem. In fact, the relative ease of procurement before an emergency arises is one of the prime considerations in favor of caching. When selecting a cache site, planners should always ensure that the site is accessible not only for emplacement but also for recovery. When planning a caching operation, the planner must consider the following six basic factors: Purpose and contents of the cache. Anticipated enemy action. Activities of the local population. Intended actions by allied forces. Packaging and transportation. Personnel assets. PURPOSE AND CONTENTS OF THE CACHE D-3. Planners must determine the purpose and contents of each cache because these basic factors influence the location of the cache and the method of hiding. For instance, personnel can cache small barter items at any secure, accessible site because personnel can easily conceal the items once recovered. However, it would be difficult for a guerrilla band to conceal rifles once it recovers them....
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