The underground can function in these areas because

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Unformatted text preview: es in a clandestine manner, which prevents it from receiving legal belligerent status under any international conventions. Examples of underground functions include the following: Intelligence and counterintelligence networks. Subversive radio stations. Propaganda networks that control newspaper or leaflet print shops and/or Web pages. Special material fabrication, such as false identification, explosives, weapons, and munitions. Control of networks for moving personnel and logistics. Individuals or groups that conduct acts of sabotage in urban centers. Clandestine medical facilities. 2-34. Underground members normally are active members of the community, and their service is a product of their normal life or position within the community. They operate by maintaining compartmentalization and delegating most risk to their auxiliary workers. The functions of the underground largely enable the resistance movement to affect the urban areas. 2-35. The operation cell is usually composed of a leader and a few cell members operating directly as a unit (Figure 2-3, page 2-9). The intelligence cell is unique in that the cell leader seldom in direct contact with the members of the cell, and the members are rarely in contact with one another (Figure 2-4, page 2-9). 2-8 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Fundamentals of Resistance and Insurgency Figure 2-3. Operational cell Figure 2-4. Intelligence cell THE AUXILIARY 2-36. The auxiliary refers to that portion of the population that provides active clandestine support to the guerrilla force or the underground. Members of the auxiliary are part-time volunteers that have value because of their normal position in the community. Soldiers should not think of the auxiliary as a separate organization but as a different type of individual providing specific functions as a component within an urban underground network or guerrilla force’s network. These functions can take the form of logistics, 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 2-9 Chapter 2 labor, or intelligence collection. Auxiliary members may not know any more than how to perform their specific fu...
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