The willingness to assume risk with platforms to

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Unformatted text preview: rations. 3-54. In addition, detachments need to know their allocation for emergency bundles to support evasion and for resupply in support of their mission requirements. The JSOTF forwards requests for materiel not immediately available to the TSOC for resourcing. Detachments need to understand the process and time necessary for nonstandard requests. SUPPLY CONSIDERATIONS 3-55. There are two main categories of resupply, accompanying resupply and external resupply. External resupply is comprised of automatic, emergency, and on-call (or routine) resupply. The following sections discuss each of these categories and subcategories. ACCOMPANYING RESUPPLY 3-56. The SFODA may take accompanying supplies into the JSOA at the time of infiltration. The SFODA receives these supplies in isolation at the JSOTF or SOTF. While undergoing mission preparation in isolation, the SFODA prepares and rigs accompanying supplies for delivery in conjunction with infiltration. This preparation must include packaging and load consideration to facilitate transportation subsequent to infiltration. The situation may dictate that these supplies are cached following infiltration for later use. The threat in the JSOA dictates the quantity and type of supplies and equipment the SFODA can include. Other influences are the— Capabilities, size, and responsiveness of the guerrilla force to sponsor assistance. Enemy capabilities and situation. Method of infiltration (air, land, or sea). Requirements for survival, evasion, resistance, and escape. Available resources in the JSOA. Size and capability of the reception committee. Requirements for sustaining operations pending receipt of an automatic resupply. Need for key items of equipment to partially equip a cadre nucleus of the guerrilla force when the SFODA expects a reception committee upon infiltration. Other items of equipment and supplies to help establish rapport with the guerrillas. EXTERNAL RESUPPLY 3-57. External resupplies are procured and delivered to the UWOA/JSOA by the sponsor (JSOTF), based on the needs of the...
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