These conditions require participating forces to have

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Unformatted text preview: pating forces to have the capability of operating in a truly decentralized manner without the benefit of well-established LOCs. These factors make many of the existing techniques for command and control (C2) and logistics inappropriate. SPECIAL FORCES IN UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE 1-46. Whereas other special operations and governmental organizations support UW, SF are the only unit specifically designed to conduct UW. Unique SF capabilities include— Infiltrating denied territory and linking up with resistance forces. 30 November 2010 TC 18-01 1-9 Chapter 1 Training and advising the guerrilla or underground forces part of a resistance. Coordinating and synchronizing the various resistance command elements with U.S. efforts. MILITARY INFORMATION SUPPORT OPERATIONS IN UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE 1-47. U.S. forces can use MISO as part of ARSOF capabilities or in conjunction with other USG capabilities to reduce the need for military force. When military force is necessary, Soldiers conduct MISO to multiply the effects of the operations. Specifically, MIS elements— Determine key psychological factors in the operational environment. Provide training and advisory assistance to insurgent leaders and units on the development, organization, and employment of resistance information capabilities. Identify actions with psychological effects that can create, change, or reinforce desired behaviors in identified target groups or individuals. Shape popular perceptions to support UW objectives. Counter enemy misinformation and disinformation that can undermine the UW mission. CIVIL AFFAIRS IN UNCONVENTIONAL WARFARE 1-48. CA personnel augment the SF headquarters (HQ) by providing expertise in civil-military operations (CMO). Although CMO plays a small role in resistance operations, planning CMO early in the campaign is critical. CMO efforts can play a significant role in— Mitigating the suffering of the population during resistance operations through humanitarian assistance (HA) efforts. (Forces must conduct CMO and HA efforts...
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