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Unformatted text preview: larger UW campaign. Regardless, operational personnel should understand how their efforts integrate with and contribute to the overall campaign plan. PHASE ONE—PREPARATION 3-7. The preparation phase must begin with a complete IPOE. UW operations need to include, but are not limited to, a thorough analysis of the resistance force’s strengths, weaknesses, logistics concerns, level of training and experience, political or military agendas, factional relationships, and external political ties. Along with this data, a thorough area study (Appendix A) of the target area is completed. At a minimum, the area study includes governmental services, living conditions, and political, religious, economical, environmental, medical, and educational issues. 3-8. The USG begins to shape the target environment as far in advance as possible. The shaping effort may include operations to increase the legitimacy of U.S. operations and the resistance movement, building internal and external support for the movement, and setting conditions for the introduction of U.S. forces into the UWOA. MIS assessments are particularly important during the preparation phase because they provide the SFODA with vital information on possible insurgent leaders and key communicators that have psychological relevance with the population. Personnel could conduct these activities proactively in areas under the control of adversarial regimes or reactively immediately following an act of aggression against an ally’s territory, such as an invasion. The population of a recently occupied country may already be psychologically ready to accept U.S. sponsorship, particularly if the country was a U.S. ally before its occupation. In other cases, psychological preparation may require a protracted period before yielding any favorable results. 3-2 TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Concept of Employment PHASE TWO—INITIAL CONTACT 3-9. Before the USG decides to render support to a resistance, it establishes contact with representatives of a resistance orga...
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