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Unformatted text preview: l considerations Military Information Support MISO Military Information Support operations MOE Measures of effectiveness MSS mission support site NGO nongovernmental organization O&M operation and maintenance PE PW practical exercise prisoner of war PRC populace and resources control ROE rules of engagement RT SecDef SF SFOD radio-telephone Secretary of Defense Special Forces Special Forces operational detachment SFODA Special Forces operational detachment A SFODB Special Forces operational detachment B SFODC Special Forces operational detachment C SOE special operations executive SOF special operations forces SOI signal operating instructions SOP standing operating procedure SOTF special operations task force TAACOM theater Army area command TC TSOC TV UCMJ U.S. USAJFKSWCS USAR training circular theater special operations command television Uniform Code of Military Justice United States United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School United States Army Reserve USC United States Code USG United States Government USSOCOM UW UWOA Glossary-2 United States Special Operations Command unconventional warfare unconventional warfare operational area TC 18-01 30 November 2010 Glossary SECTION II – TERMS area command A command which is composed of those organized elements of one or more of the Armed Services, designated to operate in a specific geographical area, which are placed under a single commander. In unconventional warfare, the organizational structure established within an unconventional warfare operational area to command and control irregular forces. It consists of the area commander, his staff, representatives of the irregular organization, and ARSOF elements after infiltration. auxiliary The support element of the irregular organization whose organization and operations are clandestine in nature and whose members do not openly indicate their sympathy or involvement with the irregular movement. cache A source of subsistence and supplies, typically containing items such as food, water, medical items, and/or communications equipment, packaged to prevent damage from...
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