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Measuring a vessel measuring overall length 1

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Unformatted text preview: NG Overall length 1 interior and 1 exterior measurement interior Width minimum - 4 interior and 4 exterior measurements measurements Measure Interior and exterior at same points Measure Interior LENGTH MEASUREMENTS LENGTH 18.3 FT 16.6 FT EXTERIOR INTERIOR WIDTH MEASUREMENTS WIDTH 4FT 6.6FT 6.6FT 4.5FT 6FT 7FT EXTERIOR 7FT 7FT INTERIOR METHODS OF CONCEALMENT METHODS Any place imaginable can be used to conceal • contraband. contraband. METHODS OF CONCEALMENT METHODS • Inside of vessel. Inside • Outside of Vessel • Underneath Vessel Underneath - Parasites. Parasites. METHODS OF CONCEALMENT METHODS METHODS OF CONCEALMENT METHODS METHODS OF CONCEALMENT METHODS HIDDEN COMPARTMENTS HIDDEN Fuel Tank Area Under Fuel Tanks HIDDEN COMPARTMENTS “Indicators” Fuel tanks with loose brackets • Large fuel tanks for size of vessel • New fuel tanks. • Fuel Tank Fuel Tank Are...
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