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Selec2ve interac2ons raymond ahlquist 1948 epinephrine

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Unformatted text preview: s … eventually USA: Johns Hopkins Hospital, first real “research- oriented” med school Pharmacology’s Big Idea The receptor concept - major challenge at the 2me was to make medicine less dangerous, and more effec2ve - enter the scien2fic method - first chemical structures in the 1860’s John Langley (Cambridge, 1878): first postulated the idea of ‘recep2ve substance’ using nico2ne and curare analogs on muscle contrac2on Paul Erhlich (Frankfurt, Langley contemporary) had a great interest in specificity, & furthered the receptor concept, showing that stereospecificity was cri2cal to drug- receptor signaling… distribu2on vs. selec...
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