high throughput screening hts compounds with desired

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Unformatted text preview: of chemical, geneAc, or pharmacological tests •  Uses roboAcs, data processing and control soWware, liquid handling devices, and sensiAve detectors •  Allows screening in 384, 1536, or 3456 well formats •  UltraHTS (uHTS) enables tesAng of 100,000+ compounds per day !! High Throughput Screening (HTS) •  Compounds with desired effects are called “hits” •  Alternate approach: –  Instead of 1 compound in each well, combine 2- 5 compounds in each well. Then analyze the wells that have hits HTS Advances •  AcousAc dispensing technology – uses sound to deliver pico or nano- liter droplets •  hbp:// Combichem •  Combinatorial libraries can synthesize and test mixtures of compounds or synthesized and tested in parallel Solid phase techniques •  ReacAons carried out on solid support, eg resin bead Ester formaAon Solid phase advantages •  A range of starAng materials can be bound to separate beads and mixed à༎ all the starAng materials can be subjected to the next rxn •  The beads / constructs can be washed to remove excess reagents or byproducts •  Large amounts of excess reage...
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