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Lots of dierent linker types good for pepde synthesis

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Unformatted text preview: nts can be used to drive the reacAon •  Intermediates in a rxn are bound to the bead and do not need to be purified •  Allows individualized product analysis per bead •  Can be automated Bead – Linker – synthesis Bead is not an impenetrable marble; it is a polymer that breathes and “swells”, allowing access to interior funcAonal groups for chemistry The linker is the unit covalently abached to the bead / polymer chain consAtuAng the solid support - contains a reacAve funcAonal group with which the starAng material in the proposed synthesis can react - must be stable and yet, easy to cleave, to enable product release There are lots of different linker types Good for pep>de synthesis Wang resin N- protected amino acid linked to resin via ester link Remains stable over pepAde synth steps Cleaves with trifluroaceAc acid (TFA) Ques>on:...
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