The chromosomes can be seen in blue the chromosome

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Unformatted text preview: erase II, which is located near HER2 on the 17th chromosome, may idenKfy a subgroup of tumors that are more responsive to regimens that include anthracyclines.” Poly- pharmacology “One important limitaKon of trastuzumab is that it is a large molecule and does not efficiently cross the intact blood–brain barrier; thus, the central nervous system appears to serve as a sanctuary for metastases, with disproporKonate rates of relapse in the brain.” “…highlights the need to conKnue to categorize breast cancer and other cancers into biologically meaningful subtypes” Pharmacogene5cs When would HercepKn NOT work? Breast cancer pharmacogenomics InvesKgaKng Molecular Markers of breast cancer tumors African women have a higher chance of having a different kind of cancer that is harder to treat – geneKcally different Diagnos5cs Typically carried out by biopsy, immunohistochemistry Allows classificaKon of tumors based on their gene expression profiles Fluoroesence in situ hybridiza5on (FISH) •  Used to detect and localize the presence or absence of specific DNA sequences on chromosomes •  Uses fluorescent probes that only bind to parts of the chromosome with which they have high sequence complementarity •  Fluorescence microscopy can then be used to determine where the probe is bound to the chromosome •  Used for geneKc counseling, medicine, species ID A metaphase cell posiKve for the bcr/abl rearrangement (associated with chronic myelogenous leukemia) using FISH. The chromosomes can be seen in blue. The chromosome that is labeled with green and red spots (upper le]) is the one where the rearrangement is present. Many Different “kinds” of breast cancer •  … but they break down into large groupings based on molecular subtypes (for the most part) •  Estrogen receptor (ER) posiKve (ER+) –  Have characterisKc expression of Erb- B2 •  ER negaKve (...
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