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Unformatted text preview: ER- ) •  Basal- like: ER- , PR- , HER2- (aka triple negaKve) –  Most BRCA1 gene breast cancers are basal like TNBCs •  •  •  •  •  Luminal A: ER+ and low- grade Luminal B: ER+ and high- grade Luminal ER- /AR+ ERBB2/HER2+ Personalized medicine Note: Only ~ 5% of women carry this gene. Those who carry it have a high chance of cancer (> 80%) AnKbioKcs Chapter 19 Gram posi5ve and gram nega5ve bacteria Bacteria- unicellular prokaryoKc organisms no organized internal membranous structures such as nuclei, mitochondria, or lysosomes An5bacterial ac5on Bactericidal compounds kill the target organism BacteriostaKc compounds prevent growth and mulKplicaKon of bacteria infecKons are slowed and le] to the immune system to kill the target bacteria AnKsepKcs anKbacterials applied topically to reduce possibility of infecKon AnKbioKcs chemotherapeuKc agents that are either bactericidal or bacteriostaKc Disinfectants general agents (soap) that are applied on non- living objects An5bacterial ac5on AnKmetabolites inhibit cell metabolism aimed at metabolic pathways unique to the pathogen so that the host’s metabolism remains unaffected Inhibitors of cell wall synthesis bacteria are unicellular organisms that have to survive variable condiKons – cell wall is essenKal for survival and is not present in animal cells Disruptors of plasma membrane TranslaKon blockers usually anKbioKcs that bind the ribosome (ribosomal RNA), but can also bind other components of the translaKon machinery (tRNA synthetases) Inhibitors of replicaKon and transcripKon Sulfonamides: Lead Compound O N H2N S N NH 2 O O Metabolism H2N S NH 2 NH 2 Prontosil O Sulfanilamide Notes • Prontosil - red dye • AnKbacterial acKvity in vivo (1935) • InacKve in vitro • Metabolised to acKve sulfonamide • Acts as a prodrug • Sulfanilamide - first syntheKc anKbacterial agent acKng on a wide range of infecKons Sulfa D...
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