Hh n protein o atp serine protein hh n h3c protein

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Unformatted text preview: N 1 6 N H H N O H H H OH H OH OP O O OP O N O OP N O N 6 H N O O 1 N O OP O H O OP O O H H OH H OH OP O N O O O Protein Kinases Tyrosine kinases Protein HH N O Protein Protein ATP OH HH N O Protein O ADP O P OH OH Protein Kinases Serine- threonine kinases HH N Protein O ATP Serine Protein HH N H3C Protein Protein OH HH N O O OH Protein Threonine ATP ADP Protein O ADP Protein O HH N H3C P OH OH O Protein O O P OH OH Kinases Cyclin dependent kinase (cdk) Turns on only if all answers are “yes” Acts as input-output device in cell cycle regulation The Human Kinome A Sequence- based classifica5on of Human protein kinases Kinase selec4vity maps Off- target interac5ons across the human kinome hOp:// How is Specificity Achieved? •  Primary Sequence of Phosphoryla5on Site: –  Some specificity, but not enough •  Protein- Protein Interac5ons –  Scaffolding •  Phosphatases can help minim...
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