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Unformatted text preview: should performing `good customer service' involve so many of the same linguistic strategies as performing `femininity'? What is the nature of the connection between the two? To answer this question it is necessary to consider the question of symbolic # Blackwell Publishers Ltd. 2000 d:/3socio/4-3/cameron.3d ± 29/6/0 ± 21:6 ± disk/mp 338 CAMERON meaning. In an in¯uential paper, Elinor Ochs (1992) argued that the linguistic indexing of gender is not usually direct ± in other words, there are few verbal markers whose exclusive and unambiguous meaning is `this speaker is a woman/a man'. More commonly gender is indexed by using language that signi®es a role (e.g. `mother') or a quality (e.g. `modesty') which is linked in turn by cultural convention to femininity or masculinity. In a similar vein, one might suggest that the practice of styling in call centres recruits a linguistic style already conventionally coded as `feminine' to index the meaning `good customer service'. What enables this connection to be made is not si...
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