3 in general however service styles are designed by

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Unformatted text preview: cent is not normally a target for institutional regulation).3 In general, however, service styles are designed by one set of people (managers on site or at head oce, or ± not uncommonly ± outside consultants) to be enacted in speech by a di€erent set of people (frontline customer-service workers). Typically a third set of people (supervisors or `team leaders', and sometimes also `mystery shoppers', people employed by companies to carry out spot-checks on service while posing as genuine customers) are charged with ensuring compliance through monitoring, `coaching' (the ongoing provision of critical feedback) and appraisal of workers' linguistic performance. A further di€erence takes us back to the question of `audience design'. Corporate style designers do, of course, make stylistic choices with an audience in mind, namely the customers with whom service workers interact. In this they resemble the radio presenters discussed by Bell (1984) in his article on style as audience design, who are obliged to imagine their target addressees as a collec...
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