5 call centres then are a good example of service

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Unformatted text preview: ager listen together to examples of the worker's performance and engage in critical assessment).5 Call centres, then, are a good example of service work as language work, and as such they are also a particularly rich source of insight into the commodi®cation and regulation of language on the job. I collected data relating to seven centres located in various parts of the U.K. (central Scotland, the north of England and London). The service functions performed in these centres were: providing directory assistance to telephone subscribers, logging faults in telecommunications equipment, dealing with auto insurance claims, processing personal banking transactions, authorizing credit requests, booking rail tickets and handling enquiries for a utility (gas) company. The data at my disposal take the form of notes on observations, tapes/transcripts of interviews, and copies of written materials including employee manuals, training packs, appraisal forms and lists of criteria for assessing performa...
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