Above i used the phrase prescribed style of speaking

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Unformatted text preview: ce of employees' speech. Above I used the phrase `prescribed style of speaking', and throughout this paper I will refer to the object/product of linguistic regulation as a `style'. At this # Blackwell Publishers Ltd. 2000 d:/3socio/4-3/cameron.3d ± 29/6/0 ± 21:5 ± disk/mp STYLING THE WORKER 325 point it is helpful to clarify what I mean by the term style and how the phenomena discussed below ®t into ongoing discussions of style in sociolinguistics. STYLE, STYLING, STYLIZATION Classically in the variationist paradigm of sociolinguistics, `styles' were de®ned along an axis of formality: an increase in the formality of the situation leads to increased self-monitoring by the speaker and therefore, in the typical case, to rising frequencies of prestige variants in that speaker's output (cf. Labov 1972). Over time, however, there has been a tendency to adopt a less monodimensional view of style and of the meanings or e€ects produced by stylistic variation. An example of the more multidimensional approach is Allan Bell's in¯uential theory of style as `audience design' (Bell 1984, 1997) in which it is argued that stylistic choices are primarily motivated by the speaker's assessment of the e€ect certain ways of speaking...
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