At least some men nd aspects of the style threatening

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Unformatted text preview: he wave especially problematic, since they regarded the gesture as `e€eminate'. Eventually they solved the problem by rendering it as a quasi-salute.10 Although the evidence given above is anecdotal, it does suggest that some of the risks involved in adopting a prescribed service style may be di€erent for women and men. At least some men ®nd aspects of the style threatening to their gender and/or sexual identity. For women on the other hand a recurrent complaint concerns the risk of being exposed to sexual harassment. Here the evidence is not just anecdotal. In 1998, a group of female Safeway supermarket workers in California complained at a union conference about the company's `superior service' programme. The friendliness, personal interest and eagerness to please that employees had to display were treated by many male customers, the workers claimed, as signs of `romantic interest' and invitations to `lewd behaviour' (Grimsley 1998). If one accepts the feminist argument that sexual harass...
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