Because of the critical media coverage i have already

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Unformatted text preview: in a call centre I did so with the co-operation of the management, but there were often restrictive conditions attached. Because of the critical media coverage I have already mentioned, I found many managers concerned about negative publicity, which led some to want to control what I saw, heard and ultimately wrote in ways that could not be acceptable to an academic researcher. Others refused certain requests (e.g. to record on-site, see also note 4) to protect the privacy of their customers. More unexpectedly, documents such as training manuals and assessment criteria were commonly de®ned as con®dential and not to be reproduced, on the grounds that such texts constitute commercial assets from which competitors might bene®t if they were in the public domain. In addition it proved dicult to interview employees in their workplaces, both because their work routines left little time for it and because of reticence engendered by the culture of surveillance. When I became aware of these problems I resorted to approaching employees of centres where I...
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