But even when there is no script surveillance is used

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Unformatted text preview: rmance as measured by statistics. If a script is in use, for example, silent listening and taping will be used to monitor operators' compliance with the prescribed wording. But even when there is no script, surveillance is used to monitor various aspects of operators' verbal behaviour. Whether call-handling routines are fully scripted, partially scripted or unscripted, their performance is usually subject to detailed speci®cations of the manner or style in which the operator should interact with callers. This is the approach that I refer to as `styling'. Styling is used ± either on its own or in combination with scripting ± because specifying a standard form of words does not on its own ensure the kind and degree of standardization many service organizations, including many call centres, are trying to achieve. Scripting standardizes what is said, but styling is an attempt to standardize how it is said, addressing the many aspects of # Blackwell Publishers Ltd. 2000 d:/3socio/4-3/cameron.3d ± 29/6/0 ± 21:6 ± disk/mp 332 CAMERON spoken interaction that are not readily represented in a written script. Consider, for example, the following remark made by a supervisor at an airline reservations centre to the sociologis...
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