But whereas the radio presenters do their own

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Unformatted text preview: tivity, and to make guesses about the preferences of those addressees. But whereas the radio presenters do their own speaking, the corporate style designers' relationship to the audience is indirect, mediated by the workers who actually talk to customers. These workers e€ectively have a dual audience: they speak to the customer, but at the same time they are also using the prescribed style for the bene®t of the supervisor or manager who enforces linguistic and other norms through surveillance. Some workers I interviewed, though clear that in theory their job was to serve the customer, not their supervisor, reported that in practice they prioritized the requirements of the `in-house' audience, whose judgements on their performance had more direct and immediate consequences. This is an intriguing case where the demands of what Bell (1997: 246±247) refers to as `auditors' and `overhearers' appear capable of overriding those of the actual addressee. In sum, `styling' in contemporary service workplaces is less a community practice, generated from the bottom up, than a prescrip...
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