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Calculability is maximized by setting targets for the

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Unformatted text preview: moves made by the operator, but it is intended to reduce the risk of incorrect details being input and preventing the successful completion of the call. Calculability is maximized by setting targets for the time taken to process calls, and judging the quality of employees' work in terms of the number of calls handled in a given period (though as we will see, this is not the only measure of their performance). Operators in the directory assistance centre, for instance, are expected to process standard enquiries in 32 seconds or less. Operators in the rail reservation centre are given a target of four minutes per transaction. The use of standardized scripts for common routines enhances calculability as well as eciency, since the duration of a pre-scripted routine can be estimated more accurately than if there is no script. Though the customer's moves are not scripted, it has been suggested that customers dealing with employees who follow scripts are apt to `routinize' their own behaviour in response (Leidner 1993). Not...
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