Cameron 1999 talbot 2000 however i hope it will be

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Unformatted text preview: esulted in the valorization of a speech style whose characteristics include expressiveness, caring, empathy and sincerity ± characteristics popularly associated with the speech of women (if anyone doubts this, let them consult any example of the `Mars and Venus' genre originated by Gray 1992, whose tenets have subsequently pervaded popular culture (cf. Cameron 1999; Talbot 2000) ). However, I hope it will be obvious that I do not regard the value attached to `women's language' in service work as a cause for feminist celebration. Whether it bene®ts women in any way whatever is open to question; the advantage they currently enjoy over men in terms of numbers employed in the service sector may arise in part from discrimination in their favour, but it also re¯ects the continuing disdain of many men for service work. Though commentators have been warning for a decade that this contempt is a luxury men cannot a€ord ± globalization is destroying alternative sources of employment for low-skilled workers ± resistance is still pronounced among school-age boys, especially those from the white working class (Mahony 1998). In time, it is possible that men will serve in equal numbers alongside women. If that happens, it raises the intriguing question whether the linguistic style...
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