Conversely surveys have found customers dislike

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Unformatted text preview: alternatives have both advantages and disadvantages (a point discussed in more detail in the appendix to Cameron 2000). As far as I can tell, there is no evidence supporting the assertion that customers want the routine to be `consistent every time they call', at least if `consistency' is taken to imply no variation at all in the words used by di€erent operators on di€erent occasions. Conversely, surveys have found customers dislike dealing with someone who is obviously reading from a script ± though it is unclear whether their dissatisfaction is with scripting itself or just with inept delivery. The Cathay Paci®c action was reported in The Scotsman (7 January 1999). The report quoted a company spokesman who described attendants' smiles as `sincere', `genuine' and an expression of the `warmth and superior service' for which Asian carriers are renowned. The racial stereotyping here is overt, but covertly there is also gender stereotyping. `Superior service' in the past and present advertising of several Asian airlines (e.g. Singapore as well as Cathay Paci®c) is...
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