I interviewed four call centre managers two

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Unformatted text preview: work; since that is not the focus of the present article, the use made of interview data here is limited). I interviewed four call centre managers, two supervisors and six operators, employed in ®ve di€erent centres located in central Scotland, northern England and London (these are a subset of the seven mentioned above). All interviews were conducted individually, in most cases face to face but in two cases on the phone. (All but two took place `o€-site', for reasons explained below.) Interviews were `semi-structured' ± I had a schedule of questions, but I encouraged informants to respond at length where they had more to say, and to introduce additional concerns. Each interview lasted at least 30 minutes. It will be evident from the details just given that di€erent centres I had dealings with provided di€erent kinds and quantities of information. This re¯ects some problems associated with researching commercial enterprises in general and call centres in particular.6 In cases where I undertook observation...
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