In this example these related concerns are combined

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Unformatted text preview: tyling concerns are to do with the management of interpersonal relationships through strategic choices at the level of discourse. One common instruction, for example, is to create rapport with callers, while another is to display empathy with them. In this example these (related) concerns are combined in the following, quite lengthy recommendation: Rapport/empathy Creating a rapport and showing empathy is about adding the human touch to a business call relationship . . . This means treating the caller as a person, recognising their situation and building a genuine conversation to re¯ect this. . . . Use language which conveys understanding of and empathy for the caller's individual situation, e.g. `are you OK?' `was anyone hurt?' `that must have been very distressing for you' (performance guidelines, auto insurance centre) Here, two main discourse strategies are suggested. One is asking questions to show concern for the caller and encourage her/him to air her/his feelings about the incident that prompted the call (in t...
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