It should not be assumed however that the only motive

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Unformatted text preview: he intention was to improve the quality of service, a memo addressed to supervisors expressed the hope and belief that standardization would reduce call-handling times. It should not be assumed, however, that the only motive for maximizing predictability is to improve eciency. Predictability is often presented as a virtue in itself. Thus a section of the directory assistance centre's manual asks, `why have salutations?'. (`Salutations' is this company's term for all the polite, interpersonally-oriented formulae that operators are required to insert at various points in the standard routine, such as `thank you', `sorry to keep you waiting' and `just searching for you'.) The answer given is that the use of standard formulae meets customers' expectations of `professional' service by giving them an experience which is `consistent every time they call'.7 Finally, technological control over human operators is seen in various aspects of the call centre regime. Automated call distribution systems dictate the pace of...
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