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London sage publications carter meg 1998 despite the

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Unformatted text preview: e: Polity Press. Bucholtz, Mary. 1999. You da man: Narrating the racial other in the production of white masculinity. Journal of Sociolinguistics 3: 443±460. Cameron, Deborah. 1995. Verbal Hygiene. London: Routledge. Cameron, Deborah. 1999. Better conversations: A morality play in twelve tapes. Feminism and Psychology 9: 315±333. Cameron, Deborah. 2000. Good To Talk? Living and Working in a Communication Culture. London: Sage Publications. Carter, Meg. 1998. Despite the palm trees, working in a call centre can be far from paradise. Independent on Sunday 17 May: 9. Coates, Jennifer. 1996. Women Talk: Conversation between Women Friends. Oxford: Blackwell. Cope, Bill and Mary Kalantzis (eds.) 2000. Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning and the Design of Social Futures. London: Routledge. Coupland, Nikolas. 1984. Accommodation at work: Some phonological data and their implications. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 46: 49±70. Cutler, Cecilia. 1999. Yorkville Crossing: White teens, hip hop and Af...
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