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Unformatted text preview: to be there for someone' appears in this instruction: customer care training materials and management books about customer relations draw extensively on the register of therapy and counselling. In some instances, routine service work is portrayed as if it were a caring profession in its own right. Management consultant David Freemantle, for example, in a book titled What Customers Like About You: Adding Emotional Value for Service Excellence and Competitive Advantage, advises service workers (e.g. shop assistants) to practise what amounts to amateur therapy on their customers (Freemantle 1998: 109): . If a customer comes across as cold and dident, convince yourself that beneath the surface is a warm, caring, loving human being. Try to reach that suppressed warmth by injecting emotional warmth into your own words. . If a customer comes across as being overpowering and e€usive, convince yourself that beneath the surface is someone who is desperate for recognition and admiration. Therefore in responding to the customer, try to underline your words with a tone of emotional approval. . If a customer comes across as being kind and caring then respond in th...
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