Some degree of congruence between the two sets of

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Unformatted text preview: mply the common-sense belief `customer service is a woman's role' (that would just beg the original question of why serving customers is regarded as a woman's role), but rather the congruence between the meanings and values attached to `femininity' and those attached to `good service'. Some degree of congruence between the two sets of meanings may well have existed for a long time, but the connection has become more compelling as a result of recent developments in the culture of business. What is entailed by `customer service' has been rede®ned as part of organizations' response to globalization. A particular philosophy of service has come to dominate organizational thinking and practice, and it is this, I will argue, that has given the meanings attached to `women's language' new relevance and value for the service sector. REVALUING `WOMEN'S LANGUAGE': CUSTOMER SERVICE AS EMOTIONAL LABOUR It is frequently noted that globalization involves a shift away from industrial production. In his in¯uential b...
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