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Unformatted text preview: rican American English. Journal of Sociolinguistics 3: 428±442. Czerniawska, Fiona. 1998. Corporate Speak: The Use of Language in Business. London: Macmillan. Drew, Paul and John Heritage (eds.) 1992. Talk at Work: Interaction in Institutional Settings. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Eckert, Penelope. 1996. Vowels and nail polish: The emergence of linguistic style in the preadolescent heterosexual marketplace. Stanford University/Institute for Research on Learning. Fairclough, Norman. 1992. Discourse and Social Change. Cambridge: Polity Press. Firestone, Shulamith. 1970. The Dialectic of Sex. New York: Bantam. Fishman, Pamela. 1983. Interaction: The work women do. In Barrie Thorne, Cheris Kramarae and Nancy Henley (eds.) Language, Gender and Society. Rowley, Massachusetts: Newbury House. 89±102. Freemantle, David. 1998. What Customers Like About You: Adding Emotional Value for # Blackwell Publishers Ltd. 2000 d:/3socio/4-3/cameron.3d ± 29/6/0 ± 21:7 ± disk/mp 346 CAMERON Service Excellence and Co...
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