The perception of various local accents is often

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Unformatted text preview: dence in a bilingual centre in Ontario of the same concern to regulate and standardize French usage, and the codi®cation of French formulas  which parallel established English ones (e.g. `merci d'avoir appele [la compagnie]. Á C'est [votre nom] a l'appareil. Comment puis-je vous aider?'). 3. The issue of accent in service work is complicated and would bear further scrutiny. The perception of various local accents is often mentioned as a factor companies consider when choosing locations for call centres. For instance, the publicity materials produced by Scottish local authorities as part of their e€orts to attract call centres to the region trade heavily on the positive connotations of a Scottish accent, such as friendliness, sincerity and reliability (see e.g. Louden 1999). However, I do not think this rhetoric can be taken at face value: the reasons why many call centres are concentrated in central Scotland have more to do with the availability and cost of labour, the supply of reasonably priced commercial property, the lo...
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